Dubai South Pre-Concept


Dubai South creates an environment where the entire cultural experience is designed around people.


Kaizen Development Consultancy

Project Size

360 hectares

Professional Services

Landscape Architecture
Master Planning
Urban Design/Planning

Dubai South is an environment where the entire cultural experience is centered around people. This is a place of convenience and inclusion – where it is possible to have all our needs met within a stone’s throw of where we live and work. Imagine the daily life of a family who has chosen the pursuit of happiness as the motivation to choose Luma Villages as their home.

The Dubai South master plan has a clear and legible structure, making it easy to understand and navigate, while offering a high level of convenience and walkability. The plan is arranged around a series of centers that create a discernible civic heart to the community, along with neighborhood centers that provide a high level of service and amenity to the local residents and are walkable from all neighborhoods.

The main civic hub in the center of the village houses a greenhouse and civic core area that includes administrative facilities, a library that is shared by the school, performance spaces, a flexible glasshouse facilities, main street shopping center that caters to regional retail needs and a civic park. The K-12 private school, recreation and fitness center and grand mosque also form an important part of this hub.

The neighborhood centers cater for daily needs, and include local services (hairdresser, laundry, printing, etc), local retail (convenience store, bakery, florist, coffee shop etc), and local facilities including mosque, community/fitness center, crèche and similar.

Meet the team

Dubai South Pre-Concept


Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi

Pat McKelvey is Senior Principal, Los Angeles Office Studio Lead and MENA Region Director. In addition to producing award-winning design work in 20 countries, over the course of his 30 years with RNL, Pat has been instrumental in setting up successful offices for RNL in Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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Dubai South Pre-Concept


Principal/Abu Dhabi Office Lead

Jess Alexander is an accomplished landscape architect specializing in urban design and master planning, particularly in the Middle East North Africa region. He has earned a reputation for leading and managing complex master planning and design efforts.

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