Union Boulevard Transit Oriented Development Urban Design Plan

Lakewood, Colorado

Urban Design Plan to create a world class mixed-use district organized around pedestrian movement and activity.


City of Lakewood

Project Size

220 acres

Professional Services

Landscape Architecture
Urban Design/Planning

This urban design project for the City of Lakewood addresses the question: “how can the Union Boulevard Corridor best take advantage of the success factors at its doorstep to create a world-class mixed use TOD environment?” The factors include the new Federal Center light rail station, St. Anthony’s Hospital and its new medical office buildings, the Federal Center’s master plan for over two million SF of new office and related development, and the future development of 40 acres of prime GSA property.

RNL developed a plan to use these game-changing factors to:
– Brand the Corridor with a family of images and identity streetscape elements in the Corridor. Union Boulevard, taken together with the Federal Center, can have a powerful marketing advantage if the combined districts can project a strong, unified presence to the marketplace.
– Create a world class mixed use district organized around pedestrian movement and activity. As the district intensifies, sites for additional buildings will be created by development of parking structures to replace surface parking, and creating sites for new development.
– Develop context-sensitive transportation solutions to make Union Boulevard a safe, welcoming environment as the center of the Union Boulevard Corridor and maximize access to the LRT station – this is the most important factor in maximizing the benefits of transit in the corridor.

Nearly all of the potential development envisioned for the corridor can be done without removing or relocating existing businesses.

Meet the team

Union Boulevard Transit Oriented Development Urban Design Plan

von Luhrte

Senior Principal
Emeritus Board Member

In service to community and profession, Richard L. von Luhrte has made our communities better places to live, work and visit. You would be hard-pressed to find someone more passionate about placemaking or more committed to advancing the craft of Architecture, and we are proud to have him as a Senior Principal and Emeritus Board Member at RNL.

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