Northgate Transit Oriented Development Master Plan

El Paso, Texas
Completed: Master Plan

The first of five TOD projects envisioned in El Paso to support the new Bus Rapid Transit system currently under construction.


Building Solutions (developer) for the City of El Paso

Project Size

1,000,000 sf on 15 acre site

Professional Services

Landscape Architecture
Master Planning

The Northgate TOD is envisioned to be a 15-acre, mixed use project consisting of a mix of affordable and market rate housing, retail, senior housing, office and community facilities. Located in El Paso, Texas, Northgate is the first of five TOD projects envisioned within the community to be built to support the new Bus Rapid Transit system currently under construction.

The site is an abandoned shopping mall that the city has acquired and has remediated for development. The project is envisioned as a walkable, medium density mixed use complex, with street oriented retail, and shared parking within all of the various residential projects. The project design features a walkable Rhambla, which is the center of community life. This wide shopping street is designed to accommodate outdoor activities including farmers markets and art fairs.

The other primary open space is the Transit Esplanade that focuses the community on the transit station, much like the traditional train station did in the urban villages around the United States. The entire project is designed using El Paso’s Smart Code, a rigorous form based zoning that defines the relationship of building and street. Developed originally by the Congress for New Urbanism, Smart Code has been implemented by El Paso for all of their new development to counteract traditional urban sprawl. Northgate will be the first of these new developments, and a demonstration as to how market driven uses can fit within these rigorous building standards.

RNL was invited to participate in the design competition for Northgate because of our deep commitment to TOD, and our reputation for designing quality placemaking.

Meet the team

Northgate Transit Oriented Development Master Plan

von Luhrte

Senior Principal
Emeritus Board Member

In service to community and profession, Richard L. von Luhrte has made our communities better places to live, work and visit. You would be hard-pressed to find someone more passionate about placemaking or more committed to advancing the craft of Architecture, and we are proud to have him as a Senior Principal and Emeritus Board Member at RNL.

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