Utah Transit Authority Depot District Service Center

Salt Lake City, Utah
Completed: Design

A new bus operations, maintenance, and administration facility to be housed in the historic and former Denver & Rio Grande railroad yard.


Utah Transit Authority

Project Size

154,330 sf, 14.67 acres

Professional Services

Interior Design
Lighting Design
Master Planning

Since 1972, UTA has been operating and maintaining a fleet of 110 buses from its Central Bus Garage, which is now outdated and undersized with no ability to expand.

The new facility will have the capacity to store, operate, maintain and service 135 buses in Phase I, with expansion to 256 buses in Phase II. The site is an historic site that was formerly the Denver & Rio Grande railroad yard at the turn of the 20th Century. The historic “Locomotive” Building, built in 1923, is the oldest and largest railroad building of its kind in Utah. Despite its age, this now-unique 72,000 sf historic building is substantially intact architecturally, and will be adapted and expanded into the 80,000 sf bus maintenance facility. A new 25,000 sf two-story facility will house all administration and operations functions.

Meet the team

Utah Transit Authority Depot District Service Center


Western Region Transit Director

Driven by a deep interest in creating more sustainable communities through improved mobility, Merlin Maley has dedicated more than a decade of his career to the transportation and public sector industry. Through his transit systems work, Merlin is helping to create 21st century cities and communities while decreasing the dependence on single-occupancy vehicles for mobility.

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