Al Ghadeer Master Plan

Abu Dhabi, UAE
Completed: Master Planning

This development has the potential to become a major hub between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, providing ideal affordable housing for 20,000 residents.


Sorouh Real Estate PJSC

Project Size

300 hectares
(740 acres)

Professional Services

Landscape Architecture
Master Planning

This new development at the border of Abu Dhabi and Dubai consists of 300 hectares (750 acres) of a balanced community with residential, commercial, retail, and community amenities. The development enjoys the potential of becoming a major hub between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, providing ideal affordable housing for 20,000 residents and amenities for people working in the neighboring area. This unique development is organized around a hierarchy of major thoroughfares, roads and parkways, and promotes mainly low-to- medium density neighborhoods.

The illustrative plan represents the overall development with its focus on neighborhoods contained around community centers and neighborhood centers. Pedestrian access throughout the development is achieved with open space corridors that connect neighborhoods together and to regional open space parks. Several pedestrian underpasses allow unobstructed access beneath several of the major streets. Neighborhood amenities such as convenience stores, fire and police stations, daily mosques, recreation and entertainment facilities, and local schools are strategically placed within each of the neighborhoods. The District Center is located in the core of the development, which includes a transit center, hotel, grocery store, retail shops, Friday Mosque, a Community Center, and Sports Center. Apartments and townhomes close to the District Center encourage pedestrian interaction and less dependency on vehicular transportation.

Meet the team

Al Ghadeer Master Plan


Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi

Pat McKelvey is Senior Principal, Los Angeles Office Studio Lead and MENA Region Director. In addition to producing award-winning design work in 20 countries, over the course of his 30 years with RNL, Pat has been instrumental in setting up successful offices for RNL in Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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Al Ghadeer Master Plan


Principal/Abu Dhabi Office Lead

Jess Alexander is an accomplished landscape architect specializing in urban design and master planning, particularly in the Middle East North Africa region. He has earned a reputation for leading and managing complex master planning and design efforts.

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