Alicia Johannesen


Project Designer

As an associate with RNL, Alicia Johannesen is driven by her passion for sustainable design and providing thoughtful and creative design solutions. Her specialty lies in multifamily housing, where she always strives to advocate for residents through wellness initiatives.

Alicia Johannesen is a problem solver. She brings more than eight years of design experience to her role as a project designer and offers skills in Rhino, Sketchup, Revit and 3D modeling.


During her time with RNL, Alicia has used her expertise in multifamily housing for projects including Block 1 and Lakehouse in Denver’s Sloan Lake neighborhood.

Prior to joining RNL’s Denver office, Alicia gained valuable experience framing houses in New England, as a project designer at Roth Sheppard Architects and as an architect assistant at 10 Design in Hong Kong.

Alicia earned a bachelor’s degree from Brown University and her Master of Architecture from the University of Colorado Denver.

Alicia enjoys spending quality time with her family and skateboarding before heading into the office.