Western Union

Denver, Colorado

While decreasing work space sizes, RNL redesigned an environment to energize, improve, recruit, and retain employees.


Western Union

Project Size

275,000 sf

Professional Services

Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Lighting Design
Master Planning

RNL led a strategic planning and design effort, campus wide, to reduce the square foot per person by decreasing the number of private offices and moving to a benching environment. In order to support the reduced work space sizes, RNL introduced more and varied collaborative spaces, huddle rooms and phone rooms for staff to use. The planning process involved collaboration with all department heads and the facilities team to arrive at a solution that energizes the workforce and improves employee recruitment and retention. The phased project covers six (6) floors in two buildings, and includes approximately 275,000 SF.

In addition, RNL also redesigned and helped to re-brand the Cafeteria, the Customer Experience Center and the Learning Center which are all located on the First Floor. The goal was to revitalize the spaces and encourage employees to consider this additional work/collaborative space to be used during the entire work day, and not just at meal time.