Tunis Marina Master Plan

Tunis, Tunisia
Completed: Master Planning

A master plan for a mixed use development on the former Tunis Harbor.


Al Thani Development

Project Size

100 hectares
(250 acres)

Professional Services

Master Planning
Urban Design/Planning

The Tunis project is a redevelopment master plan of land currently referred to as the South Lake Project. The site has historic significance as the major water body within the project is the former Tunis Harbor. The client is negotiating an acquisition of the land adjacent to the existing harbor, and RNL has completed the master planning for this 100 hectare project in the heart of the City of Tunis.

The overall project is planned and illustrated as a general mixed-use project, with a variety of uses including retail commercial, entertainment, hotels, office, residential, convention, marinas, and institutional. The project features a pedestrian promenade around the major harbor area, and a series of inter-project canalsĀ and adjacent pedestrian promenades with restaurants, boutiques, and entertainment venues fronting the canals. The architectural character illustrates a blend of traditional Tunisian architecture and more contemporary building structures.