OC Streetcar Conceptual Stop Design

Santa Ana and Garden Grove, CA

What do you get when you combine modern technology, rich history and a diverse community? The new OC Streetcar!


Orange County Transportation Authority

Project Size

4.15-mile corridor
16 stops total
4 center platform stops
12 side platform stops

Professional Services

Landscape Architecture
Urban Design/Planning

The proposed streetcar will give riders the opportunity to connect to Santa Ana’s vibrant downtown with countless retail and dining opportunities, the major employment area of the Santa Ana Civic Center, dense residential areas, and beyond. The alignment starts at Santa Ana Regional Transportation Center which provides connections to Metrolink trains, and ends at the busy intersection of Harbor Blvd. and Westminster in Garden Grove, where many connections can be made to bus lines in the area.

RNL is leading the conceptual stop and urban design for the project. The proposed streetcar will use a combination of shared and dedicated right-of-way stops, either integrated seamlessly into existing streetscapes or located within the historic existing Pacific Electric right-of-way. The design team is studying five prototype stops, determined by and designed to accommodate specific adjacent land use and roadway conditions. This kit of parts approach provides continuity along the entire length of the system, increases ease of use for all passengers and streamlines long-term operations and maintenance.

Santa Ana and Garden Grove are unique cities in Orange County because of their density, walkability and diversity of architecture and culture. The Design team spent a good amount of time gathering information on the community through research, community and stakeholder meetings, and neighborhood surveys. The team researched the history, culture and context of the overall community and each stop location to provide a thoughtful and appropriate design for the stops. Besides creating an overall brand for the streetcar, which may extend to other cities in Orange County in the future, local personalization of each stop will be developed.


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