Mohali Master Plan

Mohali, Punjab, India

The goal of the Mohali Master Plan is to create an iconic new mixed use city in northern India.



Project Size

534 hectares

Professional Services

Master Planning
Urban Design/Planning

The developer retained RNL to create an iconic new mixed use city in northern India. The essence of the city is an urban mixed use experience that is a regional draw for commercial, retail, industrial, health care and residential development, unlike anything else in the region.

The new city will include many dynamic elements including a knowledge center, based on a major university; an IT center, based on creation of new knowledge around information technology; a retail center built around a regional retail mall, including a theme park and high rise downtown development; a health care center, with hospital and teaching facilities as a center of new medical research and treatment; a recreation center, built around an 18-hole golf course, as the open space of the new community; residential neighborhoods with a variety of housing choices, from high-rise to individual single-family villas; community with high speed, convenient transit that serves everyone in the community, connecting all uses to each other.