Metropolitan State University Student Success Building

Denver, Colorado

Create an identity for Metro that serves as a gateway for their students and the community.


Metropolitan State University of Denver

Project Size

145,000 gsf

Building Performance


Professional Services

Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Lighting Design
Master Planning

Metropolitan State University has shared the Auraria Higher Education Campus with two other higher learning institutions since its inception in 1965. Challenged to create an atmosphere unique to the Metro students, a new master plan was created to identify a new neighborhood for use solely by Metro. As the first building, Student Success creates an identity for Metro and serves as a gateway for their students and the community.

The building is programmed at 145,000 gsf and is home to all administrative functions allowing for a collaborative, synergistic and efficient atmosphere. Several unique programs are designed to aid in student retention in the early years on campus; First Year Experience, the Center for Innovation, a One Stop Shop for all student services and a Community Action Theater. The Theater connects academic resources with the needs of the community in a state of the art computer visualization center with break-out spaces to explore issues ranging from urban growth to the environment in a collaborative forum.

Aligned with Metro’s mission of public service, the building is certified LEED-NC Gold and is a benchmark for future buildings within the new neighborhood. The diversity of the Metro community is reflected in the open, welcoming, spaces that create a congenial atmosphere for all students and guests – a new home base for the campus.

Project leadership is about innovative design solutions, technical expertise and a commitment to make each project exceptional. RNL brought all three to the Student Success project above all of our original expectations. Their knowledge of One Stop Shop, classroom and office design issues benefited the project greatly.
Sean Nesbit Director of Facilities Planning & Space Management, Metropolitan State University of Denver