Metrolink Train Controls Operation Support Facility

Pomona, California

Metrolink Train Controls Operation Support Facility is the first positive train control facility in the nation.


Southern California Regional Rail Authority Los Angeles, California

Project Size

22,000 sf

Professional Services

Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Lighting Design

Metrolink Train Controls Operation Support Facility is a Dispatch & Operations headquarters for the Commuter Rail line that serves the Los Angeles Metro area. Metrolink increased the safety and efficiency of the facility, minimized operating costs through energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. Since the safety of the entire train system depends upon the Dispatch Center’s ability to operate continually, efficiently, and safely, the Metrolink TCOSF incorporates features such as exterior monitoring & access systems, back-up generators to support the Essential Services Facility designation, and enhanced perimeter security. RNL designed an energy efficient, low maintenance building with enhanced security and safety features. The facility aesthetically enlivens the Garey Avenue corridor of Pomona and is a statement for the agency about the increasing importance of commuter transit in urban life.

The design team’s addressed the varying programmatic concerns including a secured dispatch center and a full data center in a cost-effective, energy efficient way on an extremely compressed, full design schedule of four months. RNL recognized these parameters as an opportunity to innovatively create a solution that incorporates all requirements, in addition to other requirements that were discovered by the client and design team during the design process, in a vivacious design statement with innovative cost-saving as well as energy efficient strategies.

Meet the team

Metrolink Train Controls Operation Support Facility


Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi

Pat McKelvey is Senior Principal, Los Angeles Office Studio Lead and MENA Region Director. In addition to producing award-winning design work in 20 countries, over the course of his 30 years with RNL, Pat has been instrumental in setting up successful offices for RNL in Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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