Kaiser Permanente Cyber Defense Center

Denver, Colorado

The result is an elegant, adaptable, and efficient space that meets Kaiser Permanente’s high security needs.


Kaiser Permanente

Project Size

2,600 sf


Kaiser Permanente Design Excellence Award

Professional Services

Interior Design
Lighting Design

For the Kaiser Permanente Cyber Defense Center, RNL took an underutilized basement space and turned it into a high-tech, strikingly modern facility. RNL incorporated multiple sustainable efforts into the design and function by maintaining the sustainable integrity of a LEED Gold commercial interior space certified six months prior. Furniture, finishes, energy efficient HVAC systems, and lighting support a healthy and energy efficient workplace.

The suite is guarded by a biometric security system. Once inside, employees are met with a video wall displaying up to 12 feeds ranging from news channels and security cameras to videoconferencing. RNL designed the space so that all rooms have flexibility for multiple uses and can quickly become one team room in case of an event. For additional privacy, special glass was installed to separate the conference room from the open office. This glass can be switched from frosted to clear with just a push of a button.

With no exterior windows, the space could have easily felt like a cave if not for the open, vibrant feel RNL was able to create with a blend of frosted projection glass, full height glass walls, and ceiling elements, with integrated accent lighting. Changes in ceiling treatment above the collaboration station and conference room promote an intimate, approachable atmosphere. The result is an elegant and efficient space that meets Kaiser Permanente’s high security needs.