Kaikoura Peninsula Resort

Kaikoura, New Zealand

The site for one of the early fortifications (Pas) of the Ngai Tahu Tribe of the Maori People becomes the The Kaikoura Peninsula Resort at the South Island of New Zealand.


Whale Watch Kaikoura

Professional Services

Master Planning

The Kaikoura Peninsula Resort will be one of the premier destination resorts of New Zealand. The Peninsula is located on the South Island of New Zealand serves as one of the early fortifications (Pas) for the Ngai Tahu Tribe of the Maori People. The site contains several significant archaeological sites of the early inhabitants. The design will preserve the heritage of this significant archaeological site. The Ngai Tahu Tribe also operates Whale Watch Kaikoura, one of the best known whale watching venues in the world. The activities located where the adjacent sea and underwater trench to provide a habitat for whales and other significant marine mammals.

RNL was engaged to plan and design a destination resort on this magnificent and dramatic site, where the historical and environmental significance of the site influences the location of the project elements. The development includes a visitor’s center as a museum and interactive “edu-tainment” attraction, research center, restaurant, and administration facility; a 250 room, 5-star resort hotel, 12 luxury guest villas, and a championship golf course destined to become the “Pebble Beach” of the Southern Hemisphere.