Heart of Jeddah

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Completed: Master Planning

A new development within the old airport site in the city of Jeddah


Kaizan Development Consultancy, Jeddah Development & Urban Regeneration Company

Project Size

85 hectares

Professional Services

Landscape Architecture
Lighting Design
Master Planning

Heart of Jeddah is a key new development within the old airport site in the city of Jeddah. It offers a unique vision for the creation of a new destination within the city on the 85-hectare site.

Key features of this complete mixed-use development include a multi-modal transit hub, multiple retail zones, family entertainment, a variety of food and beverage choices, exhibition center, commercial offices, hotels, medical center, and residential units and amenities of all types. All of these functions are organized around a world-class water feature and Dancing Fountain. Various districts within the project are linked together by a series of canals and associated pedestrian paths that wind their way through the site.

Community services like a Jumah mosque and community mosques, kindergartens, elementary, middle, and high schools, police station, civil defense, medical clinics and post office will be distributed throughout the development to provide services to the community. Heart of Jeddah is designed with sustainable principals that focus on providing connectivity, reducing the waste in the use of water and energy, encourages recycling, and support healthy living environment.

The social and economical benefits of the Heart of Jeddah development will carry beyond the project boundary and will provide a new destination for all the residents and visitors of Jeddah to enjoy.

Meet the team

Heart of Jeddah


Principal/Abu Dhabi Office Lead

Jess Alexander is an accomplished landscape architect specializing in urban design and master planning, particularly in the Middle East North Africa region. He has earned a reputation for leading and managing complex master planning and design efforts.

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