Fort Bliss Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities

Fort Bliss, Texas

Highly technical state-of-the-art facilities, provided under budget and ahead of schedule to support the mission of the US Army Corp of Engineers.


US Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District

Project Size

320,000 sf, 60 buildings over 12 sites

LEED Certification

LEED-NC Silver


Building of the Year, Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association

Professional Services

Interior Design
Landscape Architecture

The design/build team of Sundt and RNL was selected through a two – phase design competition for several new Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities (TEMFs) at multiple locations throughout the Northwest Region of the US Army Corps of Engineers under a MATOC contract. TEMFs, as the name implies, are used for maintenance, repair and storage of military tactical vehicles and equipment, and are part of an overall complex centered on vehicle maintenance facilities. The first facilities designed by the team include a total of twelve TEMFs. Within these are Small 10 Ton, Medium 10 Ton, and Medium 35 Ton facilities at Fort Bliss in Texas. These facilities include approximately 160,000 sf of space for vehicle maintenance shops, over 4 million sf of hardstand areas, and 48 stand-alone support buildings to accommodate storage space for oil, vehicles, HAZMAT, and other organizational needs.

The architectural theme and materials goals were developed by the team based upon the specific functional requirements of the maintenance operations component of the project. They blend with the architectural campus character of the Fort Bliss Master Plan, and reflect the contemporary, progressive and flexible nature of today’s Army.