Westminster, Colorado

Through a fresh, engaged, flexible and comfortable interior concept and layout, DigitalGlobe is able to respond to rapid business and organizational changes in their newly remodeled space.



Project Size

350,000 sf

Professional Services

Interior Design
Lighting Design

Making the move from multiple facilities located in the northwest suburbs of Denver, DigitalGlobe decided to relocate to a single headquarters facility in Westminster, Colorado, where they could consolidate their operations and further develop their business. With this opportunity, DigitalGlobe wanted to enhance their cross-discipline collaboration, increase technological innovation and enrich employee health. The facility, built in 2000, was renovated by RNL to embody the core values of the company with a fresh, engaged, inspired, flexible and comfortable interior concept and layout. The design team employed creative design strategies while also maintaining a hold on costs and qualities of the existing building that had “good bones” and required little to update, giving the company the greatest value for the remodel budget.

The four-story building is comprised of two large office wings that flank a large glass reception lobby and customer conferencing center. The overall square footage of the facility is 350,000 sf and will be delivered in two phases.

In this time of fast-paced change, DigitalGlobe is able to respond to rapid business and organizational changes in the newly remodeled space, allowing them to modify both office/support and workstations with maximum flexibility and very little modification to the base building. Modular walled spaces are located at the center of the building, with workstations placed closest to the perimeter glass, allowing the greatest number of employees to have access to natural daylight and the views of the Rocky Mountains.