Cadet Area Master Plan - Requirements Analysis

Colorado Springs

Comprehensive analysis for the Cadet Area's Facilities


US Air Force Academy

Project Size

615 Acres

Professional Services

Facilities Master Planning

Established in 1954 and designated a National Historic Landmark in 2004, USAFA is currently formulating a strategy to advance the institution’s core academic and character building goals while also protecting and enhancing the integrity of its physical facilities. The Cadet Area Master Plan specifically deals with the approximately 615 acres of the core Cadet Area, including academic, athletic, dormitory and visitor functions.

The Requirements Analysis is the companion to the already complete FACTS 2030 study; where the prior study quantified spatial needs for the campus’s central academic buildings and programs, the second study performs the same comprehensive analysis for the institutions non-academic facilities. Hand in hand, the two studies create the framework for the next step in planning, the Area Development Plan which will determine the physical execution of these two plans’ programming recommendations.

The Requirements Analysis employed cadet, faculty, and administrator interviews to assess the institution’s strengths, weaknesses and future needs. The study also examined benchmarks and trends at peer institutions as well as case studies and national precedents to identify current higher education practices and innovations that matched and promoted USAFA’s goals.

The final study recommended specific line item spatial allocations, and examined alternative ways in which the recommendations could fi t together with a combination of remodeled and new facilities, culminating in three draft alternatives. These alternatives will be carried forward into the next phase of planning.