Brighton Boulevard Redevelopment

Denver, Colorado

Planning a comfortable, pedestrian scaled streetscape for Brighton Boulevard


City and County of Denver

Project Size

2 miles of the Brighton Boulevard corridor

Professional Services

Landscape Architecture
Lighting Design
Urban Design/Planning

The Brighton Boulevard Redevelopment is a study of approximately 2 miles of the Brighton Boulevard corridor through the River North District in Denver. Partnered with CH2M Hill, the study looks at developing a consistent corridor right-of-way, streetscape design elements, and opportunities for a phased redevelopment over time.

RNL helped to study and model approaches for four character zones of the corridor; the Main Street zone; the Education, Industry and Development zone; the National Western Center zone; and the Northern Neighborhood zone. Each zone was designed with a short term phase, working within the existing right-of-way to provide a comfortable, pedestrian scaled streetscape, as well as a long term phase, anticipating future redevelopment and expansion of the right-of-way. By developing this phased approach, the team was able to meet the City’s near-term goals for creating a beautiful streetscape, and meet the neighborhood’s long-term goals for future redevelopment.

RNL participated in public meetings, presenting the challenges and opportunities for the corridor, and addressing the community’s concerns for redevelopment. By working with the neighborhood and community members, the team found a strong desire to accommodate a multi-modal street, dedicated bike paths, controlled turn lanes, and better pedestrian thoroughfares.

Meet the team

Brighton Boulevard Redevelopment


Associate Principal
Urban Designer

Matt Shawaker’s experience as both a design consultant and developer has given him a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of great landscape architecture and urban design in the development process. With this unique perspective, Matt is able to create more thoughtfully integrated design solutions for clients in our Urban Design/Landscape Architecture Studio.

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